"Let’s imagine that around the turn of the 20th century, several Eastern European Jewish clans seeking a safe haven from the escalating struggles that would lead to World War I wound up emigrating to Jamaica. Finding hospitality in the country, they decided to stick around, eventually building a synagogue to pass on their traditions to ensuing generations. Let’s imagine that way down the line, those descendants picked up on the jubilant pulse of klezmer, and became subversively determined to meld it into reggae… The three guys in experimental rock group Les Rhinocéros have basically done that- except to an even more batshit extent.” - Leor Galil, Washington City Paper

"You can't miss the similarities to the big Z's late, lamented Naked City in Les Rhinos' suave ability to switch styles... Very recommended" - Richard Gehr, Relix Magazine

"Wow!! The new generation of Tzadik artists has arrived in the form of a Rhinoceros!!" - Cyro Baptista

"D.C. jazz-punkers Bungle about with klezmer and surf and dub and Camper Van Middle Eastern ska." - SPIN

“Wow, these guys are my new favorite band! It is absolute, raw, and wholly real…” - Tim Keiper (Cyro Baptista, Vieux Farka Touré, Dirty Projectors)

"If Tortoise were from Eastern Europe instead of Chicago, they’d sound kinda like D.C.’s Les Rhinocéros. And John Zorn loves Les Rhinoceros, so that’s all you need to know.” - Baltimore City Paper

"The sonic freakout that is "Coltun's Pinky Crusher" was one of the most memorable songs of (2015)." - DCMD

Noisey interview/track premiere: Here